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I wish i saw theses reviews before purchasing.

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Very disappointed, from the equipment to the customer service. I suggest you be ware! I tried it, i keep my hair in a ponytain, and it pulls my hair, it also has you over extending on excersizes. I called to return it, they would say no it's too late, i asked to speak to a manager and they you take a message and never return your call. This thing is sitting in a box in my garage. It's awful.

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This machine is dangerous i pulled my shoulder but i dont have insurance have been sleeping in pain for a 5 months already there should be a warning for age or weight! 702-374-9505 Agustin S.

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Not happy with the total gym I sent an email on March 21, 2016 no response I would like to have a response to this email please they are already taking money out of my checking account for this thing it was broken right out of the box I want this piece of junk out of my house please please send me an address to where to send this *** thing to that's all I need from you I don't need any sales I don't need it to be fixed or whatever I just want... Read more

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Customer service sucks. I submitted an order 3 weeks ago, or so I thought. I was never billed, so I contacted customer service again and was told the order did not process because the billing and shipping address were different. I called five times over this issue to explain that billing was my Georgia address and shipping was my home in another state. I live in three different states depending upon time of year. What's so difficult, Amazon... Read more

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Well l ordered my total gym machine @$829. But they arec charging me on my credit also they want me to pay double amount. Their customer service is poor n don't trust total gym.

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I have owned my Total Gym Fit for almost a year. It's a mechanical wonder for my exercise program. It takes up some space and requires extra effort to fold up and set up, but this is an added bonus to my workout program. I have had limited experience with customer service, but only with positive outcomes. I can find the answers to most of my questions on the website. I find it a total waste of time to call customer service with purely... Read more

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Awful customer service. I called to find the full price since the advertisement did not tell you. When I said it was a bit too much for me he kept asking me questions about my current training. He kept putting me down (asked how much I paid for my gym membership where I replied, $10/month and was told I had a cheap gym). I was being very nice and responding to all if his annoying questions trying to get me to buy, even though I continuously... Read more

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I contacted customer service on a live blog . I asked what is the size of the total gym as I have a truck/camper and I travel a lot . I also asked if there is a distributor in the Vancouver BC area . The answer was "tota gym does not deliver to Quebec the yukon or the northwest terr . And no answer RE the size/weight . So I ask again what is the size of the total gym ? I than get asked "what fitness level are you looking at " ? My response is... Read more

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I was working out and my cable snaped not by fault of mine , it is not a smooth cut the wires ripped apart, im only a 120 pounds I use my totalgym everyday. I have never herd of anything like that happening. My name is Suzanne Hampton 702 685 7406 or 702 544 0117 can you please get back with me A.S.A.P. Thank you. Read more

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